Sharjah Police’s smart reporting service performs 16,164 transactions


The Comprehensive Police Centers Department of Sharjah Police completed 16,164 transactions within 10 months, through the “smart reports” service available on its electronic platforms, which are the website and the smart application “Sharjah Police.” It contributed to simplifying procedures and enabling dealers to complete their transactions in absentia.
Sharjah 24: In the interest of the Sharjah Police General Command to keep abreast of the latest technology means and to adapt them to serve the community members and enhance their sense of safety and security through services that satisfy their satisfaction and bring them happiness, the Sharjah Police General Command, represented by the management of comprehensive police stations, completed 16 thousand and 164 transactions within 10 months Through the “smart communications” service available on its electronic platforms, represented by the website, and the “Sharjah Police” smart application, available through smart phone applications, with the aim of increasing the level of customer happiness, by providing Smart services that contribute to reducing the customer’s journey without the need for personal presence.

Colonel Yusef Obaid bin Harmoul, Director of the Comprehensive Police Centers Department, confirmed that the “smart reporting” service came in implementation of the directives of the wise leadership to activate the digital transformation of all government services by 2021, and the Sharjah Police was keen to increase the percentage of customer satisfaction and raise the level of services provided to ensure service provision to them. Wherever they are, in a manner that ensures the smooth flow of work in light of the current conditions and precautionary measures, by providing smart services around the clock, which in turn contributes to simplifying procedures and enabling customers to complete their transactions, in a manner that guarantees their safety, and in a manner that supports the state’s efforts to confront the challenges of the emerging Corona virus, Covid 19, In addition to enhancing awareness among customers to achieve the maximum benefit from smart services platforms.

Bin Harmoul said that the smart reporting service is one of the main services in the management of police centers, which aims to provide its services to all members of society, institutions and company owners, as it plays an important role in enhancing the percentage of customer happiness by reducing the time of completing transactions with complete confidentiality, which contributes to providing Time and effort on dealers.

He added that the service includes two types of transactions, the first of which is the reports that are criminal and financial reports, absenteeism, missing persons, and inquiries about the status of the listed report, and the second is the treatment of a certificate for whom it may concern, which is represented in the procedures of proving the investigation of the criminal case, loss and damage, seizure of the passport, its delivery and replacement, and the testimony of reports of theft. In addition to certificates for those arrested.

The Director of the Comprehensive Police Centers Department explained that the application process for the smart report service passes through a mechanism that is characterized by ease and flow, and its first steps begin with entering the Sharjah Police General Command site, then choosing the police services icon, followed by a step to choose the type of smart reports, and then the customer completes the procedures The submission is without any fees.

The process of applying for a “To Whom It May Concern Certificate” application process begins by entering the website of the Sharjah Police General Headquarters, selecting the “Police Services” icon, then choosing “To Whom It May Concern Certificate Request”. The customer is then required to fill in all the data and save it, with complete Service fee, which is estimated at 100 dirhams, up to the end of the process by choosing the type of certificate required to bring the application to the concerned employee, and after reviewing it, a “To Whom It May Concern Certificate” is sent to the applicant via e-mail.

And he indicated that what distinguishes the smart communication service is that the customer can apply without creating a special account on the available electronic platforms, which allows all members of the Sharjah community to apply easily.


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