Shahira reveals the details of Mahmoud Yassin’s last night in intensive care!


The name of the late Egyptian artist was issued Mahmoud YassinInternet search engines, after his wife, the artist, revealed Famous The secrets of his last days before his death on October 14.

Shahira said during her interview with the program “With You” presented by Mona El Shazly, on CBC: “There have been many rumors about the death of the late artist Mahmoud Yassin before God passed away, but we did not make those rumors reach him or know anything about her, and I am amazed at those People who want to earn the material at the expense of the feelings of others ”.

She added: “In the last years of Mahmoud Yassin illness, my sons offered me to have someone help me in his service, but I refused that strongly because I do not want to be exposed to a stranger, and I also believe that God mocked me for his service because he is an exceptional and great man for me.”

Shahira talked about the period of Mahmoud Yassin’s illness and said: “The most difficult period that we have passed since the beginning of the artist Mahmoud Yassin’s illness was the last month, when his organs began to collapse, but for the last week of his life he was well aware and aware of everything going on around him and all of us.”

Shahira added, “When the doctor diagnosed the disease of the artist Mahmoud Yassin that it was hardening of the arteries, he told me that he would develop signs of Alzheimer’s, but it was not fierce Alzheimer’s.

Shahira indicated that Mahmoud Yassin hid her from view in the last, because he was not in perfect physical shape and health, adding: “I did not want to appear to his fans while he was missing something.”

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Shahira revealed that she had tested Mahmoud Yassin during his last night in the intensive care unit, adding: I contacted him on the phone and said to him: “How are you, my soul, what is it .. who am I?”

She added: “He told me,” How are you, oh my heart’s soul? ”This is what I know of course, and I said to him,“ I am not afraid because I have a cold and I fear for you.

Shahira pointed out that Mahmoud Yassin was conscious in his last moments and aware of all family members.

Shahira revealed that the late artist Mahmoud Yassin surprised her on one occasion and gifted her one of his awards, and said: “There were many women who hated me just because I married Mahmoud Yassin, and when I told him that, he was responding to Abita stats, and Mahmoud Yassin presented many religious dramas at the level of Very classy, ​​but it did not take its right. ”

Shahira added: “The last honor for Mahmoud Yassin was at the Alexandria Festival, and the festival’s management begged me to agree to go, and when he went up on the stage to receive the honor, Amr had his son with him and I was very afraid not only from receiving the honor, but in the symposium that surprised us all by speaking fluently. This festival was the last event in which Mahmoud Yassin appeared.

Mahmoud Yassin died at the age of 79, after a long struggle with illness, leaving a great balance of unforgettable work.

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