Shahira: Our Lord mocked me for serving Mahmoud Yassin because he is an exceptional man (video


10:29 PM

Friday 20 November 2020

Books – Habd Al-Fattah Al-Ajami:
Shahira said that her first meeting with her late husband, the great star Mahmoud Yassin, was in front of the camera, and then a beautiful and respectful relationship arose between them, which culminated in marriage.

Shahira added, during her interview on the “With You” program with the media, Mona El Shazly, on the “cbc” channel, “All my ambitions were to remain an actress, but I gave up on that after an exceptional person entered my life and not just a husband.”

She continued: “My children, in the last years of Mahmoud Yassin, used to say, ‘This is a nurse who will help you.’

She continued: “The separation of Mahmoud Yassin is difficult. I cannot imagine that it is not there. I believe in the judgment of God and that everyone has a date, but there are people who live in our lives that have a strong imprint, and for this reason his funeral was majestic.”

The great artist Mahmoud Yassin died on October 14 at the age of 79, leaving behind a great artistic legacy.


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