Shadia “speaks for herself”: the secrets of the life of “Voice of Egypt” who retired from art without disavowing her past


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The book is the latest publication of the “Hilal Heritage Center” at the Egyptian Press Foundation, Dar Al-Hilal.

You hardly find a house in Egypt where someone does not know the artist, Shadia.

Despite her departure three years ago, Egyptians and other Arabs remember her with her songs and films, and then the dramatic circumstances surrounding her retirement from art.

On the occasion of the anniversary of the departure of the famous actress, which falls on Saturday, the well-known Egyptian film critic and historian Ashraf Gharib documented, in a new book, Shadia’s life, who became famous with descriptions, the most important of which is “The Voice of Egypt.”

The BBC reviewed the book, which will be published within hours, and spoke with its author, who described Shadia’s march as “representing the history of an entire era in which art and politics intertwined in a society that was open to others, and a climate shaded by freedom of appearance and substance alike.”


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