Shadia “speaks for herself”: the secrets of the life of the “Voice of Egypt” who retired from art without disassociating himself from his past


Today, the 28th of November marks the anniversary of the departure of the Egyptian actress Shadia, who left our world 3 years ago, so that her long artistic history remains with its many fingerprints.

That artistic trip in which Shadia presented more than 120 works of art, in addition to dozens of songs that the audience still remembered and chanted, but this trip ended at the end of the eighties of the last century, precisely in 1986, without warning.

Shadia remained out of sight, living in calm and peace without speaking, happy with her family and those around her, until she left in peace without any crises.

Perhaps the reason for Shadia’s retirement remained a mystery to some, and in light of everyone’s search for the matter, Shadia went out in a single voice conversation in 1993 to talk about the scenes of his retirement, after which the artist Samir Sabry, one of those close to the deceased, appeared to talk about what happened.

The late mentioned that she was desperate to retire, and she felt that she did not want to do more until she was surprised by the director Hussein Kamal offering her a theatrical work, and she answered him that she was thinking of retiring and never stood on the stage, so how could she think about it now, but he told her that she would present The novel “Raya and Sakina”, and here she felt a desire to know more, especially as she loves the character “Raya”.

Indeed, she agreed to present the play, and decided to star in it for several months.

Then she went to the United States for surgery, and when she returned she went to perform Umrah.

Then the deceased presented a song on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet, as her last appearance was in the song “Cheek in my Hand”, to communicate afterwards with Sheikh Al Shaarawi, and decide to wear the veil and retire.

To here ended the story of the late Shadia, before Samir Sabry came out in a radio interview and put some points on the letters regarding Shadia’s retirement, stressing that she always wanted to have children, and when she was the wife of Salah Zulfikar, she miscarried 3 times, which was happening Coincidentally in the seventh month, which affected her psyche greatly, so she considered that her younger brother Taher was the closest to her and represented her son who had not given birth to him, and she made him the manager of her business, before she mourned his death as a young man.

Many shocks

The traumas in Shadia’s life did not stop there. After a while she learned of her cancer, and doctors in Egypt told her that surgery to remove the breast was necessary, which she did.

However, the great shock was when she learned while she was in America that her diagnosis in Egypt was wrong, and that there was no need for a mastectomy, so that the late woman resorted to isolation and completely moved away from the artistic scene until she died on November 28, 2017.


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