“Severe beatings” … new details of the “Ritz” detention in Saudi Arabia


The British newspaper “The Guardian” reveals more details about the operation, which was classified “the largest and most controversial operation in the modern history of Saudi Arabia.”

  • This disclosure comes after 3 years of those arrests and before the G20 summit

Revealed Newspaper “The Guardian” The British government provides more details about the operation that was classified as the largest and most controversial “cleansing” in the modern history of Saudi Arabia, which took place in November 2017 when the Saudi authorities detained dozens of princes, senior officials and businessmen in the “Ritz-Carlton” hotel.

Prominent personalities who were included in those arrests spoke to the British newspaper and revealed that the first night, everyone was blindfolded and exposed to what Egyptian intelligence calls “the night of the beating.”

They added, according to the newspaper, “Some were severely beaten and there were people bound to the walls in difficult positions. The torture lasted for hours and all those who tortured were Saudis. The aim was to break our thorns.”

The newspaper’s sources also pointed out that the detainees were threatened through the leakage of private information such as extramarital relations or illegal commercial transactions.

And she continued, “The purge came at the expense of breaking the trust between the monarchy and the Saudi business community. Impunity allowed the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi because the guards themselves were involved in the two crimes.”

The detainees were asked if they knew the reason for their presence there. According to the newspaper, they answered, “No one knows. Some of them were severely beaten. There were people bound to the walls in stressful conditions that lasted for hours, and everyone who tortured them was Saudis. This was done to soften them.” . Then the next day, the investigators arrived. “

The British newspaper reported that “the next day, the detainees were divided into rooms in the hotel, which a year before that was the place to launch Mohammed bin Salman’s plan known as Vision 2030, and all of this was done under the supervision of two ministers close to the latter who ordered the purge.”

The detainees said that “the advisers of the royal court were leading chaotic attempts to understand the investments behind the wealth of the most powerful families in the kingdom, and then they seized what they could find.”

The newspaper quoted its source as saying that the interrogators “often had no idea what they were looking for. It became outright blackmail in some cases because some of the detainees refused to sign anything.”

The Guardian also quoted a senior banking source as saying that “executives in the Swiss banking sector have launched an investigation following these irregular transactions,” confirming that “many of these transfers appear to have taken place under duress, while some were stopped because the requests were not normal. “.

The source pointed out that “the amount of money collected following the arrests is close to 28 billion dollars.”

Before the “G20 Summit”

This disclosure comes after 3 years of those arrests and before the G20 summit to be held in Riyadh early next week.

The report revealed that the detentions of the “Ritz-Carlton” often began with a phone call to summon those concerned to meet with the Crown Prince or King Salman himself.

Two prominent businessmen said that “they were asked to meet at a house and wait for an advisor from the royal court to join them. Instead, state security officials showed up and took them to the Ritz-Carlton, where the guards and senior aides were waiting.”

As a source said about the interrogators, “There is a misconception that the interrogators revealed everything. They did not. In fact, they knew very little and were improvising.”

Other crimes in Saudi Arabia

Meanwhile, the British newspaper “Daily Mail” shed light on “crimes of another kind being committed in Saudi Arabia,” and Lujain Al-Hathloul’s name may be sufficient to shorten it, according to the newspaper’s expression.

The “Daily Mail” stated that “the hero of the brutal methods practiced against her and against all detained women only because they defend the right of women to drive, for he is Khalid bin Salman, the ambassador of Riyadh in Washington and brother of the crown prince.”

This is what the newspaper says in a human rights report that reveals “methods of torturing female detainees, including kicking and punching their chest, forcing them to watch pornographic materials or perform sexual acts for interrogators.”

The report also reveals the presence of Khaled Salman at the site of torture, and “one of the activists threatened rape and murder, blatantly in her face. I am the Saudi ambassador to America, and I can do whatever I want with you.”


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