Settings must be adjusted in the iPhone 12 to get the most benefit


If you have already bought one of the two phones in the market or are waiting for one of the two upcoming phones, all the iPhone 12 series phones support a lot of improvements, as they all work with the latest Apple A14 processor, and they all share the screen type, support for 5G networks, and all The models also have a new feature called (MagSafe) for wireless charging, magnetically affix a variety of accessories to the back of the phone, and more.

There are simply a lot of features that will impress you in the new iPhone 12 phones, and all models run iOS 14 which has its own set of new features, but Apple’s default settings are not always the best to help you get the most out of your iPhone. .

So today, we will review some of the settings that you must adjust now that will help you make the most of the new iPhone 12:

1- Adjust 5G settings to reduce battery consumption:

All iPhone 12 series phones support 5G networks for the first time in iPhone phones, so Apple introduced new settings in its phones for 5G and 4G networks, but with telecom companies continuing to introduce their own 5G networks, and their unavailability in many countries in a stable manner. For now, some iPhone 12 owners will have to wait for 5G to arrive.

When you set up the iPhone 12 for the first time, it activates (Auto 5G) mode by default, which is a mode that automatically switches between 5G and 4G networks, but if 5G networks are not available in the area you currently live in, there is no benefit from activating This is the current situation.

And if 5G networks are already available in your area, you will find that your phone’s battery is depleting faster than it was before, as initial tests of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro showed that 5G networks consume more data, and drain the battery power about two hours faster compared to With fourth generation networks.

If you don’t want to sacrifice battery life for the now unstable 5G speeds, you can turn this mode off, and turn it back on when you want it, or when service improves in your area.

2- Change the incoming call alert:

Starting with iOS 14, Apple changed the iPhone’s call interface to look more like a small notification that appears at the top of the screen when using your phone, instead of having an incoming call take over the entire phone screen, a feature that was long needed in iOS.

But over time, this feature has become annoying for some iPhone users, as they often ignore the incoming call alert as an annoying notification. If you suffer from this problem, you can change the incoming call alert to full screen mode through the following steps:

Go to (Settings) Settings on the iPhone phone.

Click on the option (phone) Phone.

Click on the option (Incoming Calls).

Select the option (full screen) Full Screen.

3- Turn off the (HDR) feature for shooting video:

All iPhone 12 models support a lot of camera improvements, including: the ability to shoot HDR video, with Dolby Vision technology up to 60 frames per second, all this means that your videos will be brighter with more accurate colors and improved contrast. It’s a really cool feature, but there are apps and services that don’t support HDR video playback.

This means that when you upload a video to Facebook or Instagram, the HD video that you see on your iPhone 12 will look too bright and lose some of its quality. Developers will need to update their apps in order to accept HDR video, but until then the person watching the video will need a device capable of playing HDR video without affecting the quality. For Apple devices, this includes: iPhone 8 or later, the 2020 iPad Air, the second generation iPad Pro, and some recent Mac devices.

To turn off the HDR feature when shooting video, you can follow these steps:

Go to (Settings) Settings on the iPhone phone.

Click on the option (camera) Camera.

Click on the option (record video) Record video.

Scroll down to the option (HDR Video), and press the toggle button next to it to turn it off.


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