Scientists determine where the mysterious cosmic matter is hiding


Translations – Abu Dhabi

Scientists specializing in astrophysics recently determined the nature of the cosmic matter, which has remained unknown for many years.A team of researchers at the French National Center for Scientific Research pointed out that nearly 40 percent of the material that makes up the stars, planets and galaxies is hidden in the form of hot gas in the complex cosmic network.

The researchers arrived at their findings, which were published in the Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics, after analyzing 20-year-old data.

The scientists said that galaxies are distributed throughout the universe in the form of a network of nodes connected by strings, separated by spaces, known as the “cosmic network,” adding that the hidden side of the universe is hidden in this network.

The strings contain cosmic materials known as “baryons”, which are complex subatomic particles that play a major role in making the “cosmic web” more interconnected and less clear, given that the signals emanating from them are very weak.

Researchers from the French National Center for Scientific Research were able to review the X-ray emissions of gas filaments, as well as information on the physical arrangement of about 15,000 strings, and found 40 percent of the materials in the universe in them.

By analyzing X-rays, the team was able to confirm that these filaments contain huge quantities of hot gases that have not been studied before.

This new scientific discovery paves the way for more detailed studies using data in more detail, to test the evolution of gas in the filament structure of the cosmic network.


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