Saudi Ryan Geller gloats about the death of the Kuwaiti actress Shawq Al Hadi, and what he said betrayed hatred!


Saudi showed Ryan Keller Mourning death Bader the sucker Free Kuwaiti actress Longing for Hadi .

Ryan Geller commented on the death of Badr al-Musas, saying: “Badr al-Suas is under the protection of God. It is not forgiving, nor does the analyst of Diya and Hereafter accuse me of my honor and said about me, a forbidden child.”
As soon as the Saudi Ryan Geller published those words, comments that attacked him and condemned his position after the death of the “sucker” were flooded, and what he said was considered gloating with death.

Kuwaiti actress Shawq Al-Hadi was shocked by the news of the death of her ex-wife.
And “Shawq” wrote a tweet that her ex-husband lamented: “Go to the mercy of God, my free man, Badr Khaled Al-Abs, your prayers to him for mercy and forgiveness, and the prayer will be upon him when his body arrives from America.”

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Al-Hadi said, in a series of tweets monitored by “Watan”: “Why did you leave me alone in the bad world ?! Why did you hurt my heart by your absence ?! And how much “why” I would like to ask you with questions that baffle me very much, and as is your habit since your departure .. I have not found you and have not found answers to my questions for you, and my heart will not calm down yet.

She added: “I broke a feeling that God was full of you on the day my heart hurt and hurt me. He passed away and he did not know the date of his departure except God, but with his departure my heart ached after your departure. This world without you .. May I ask you why you left me ?! ”

And she continued: “Oh God, have mercy #Badr_almas Forgive him and dwell in your spacious gardens, Lord of the worlds .. Oh God, there is no objection to your judgment and your destiny .. Oh God, grant me patience, strength, and the ability to endure what I do not have.

And Badr Khalid Al-Musas is a citizen Kuwaiti He married artist Shawq El Hady in 2015, and then they separated in 2017 due to marital problems.


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