Saudi Post issues a commemorative stamp for the Saudi Horse Cup – Saudi Arabia News


The Saudi Post Corporation has issued a postage stamp (3 riyals category) and a postcard (5 riyals category) for the “Saudi Arabian Horse Racing Cup 2020”, which receives special attention and is an authentic Saudi heritage, in coordination with the Saudi Equestrian Club. The stamp was launched for the second edition of the Saudi Horse Cup scheduled to be held next February in King Abdulaziz Equestrian Square. The Saudi Horse Cup is the most expensive international festival of its kind in the world for horse racing, with the participation of a large number of horse owners in the world.

The Postal Corporation issues postage stamps periodically and quarterly on national and religious events, holidays, pilgrimage seasons, meetings and major conferences at the level of Islamic, Arab and Gulf summits, as well as national cultural, artistic and sports participations, to introduce the various national achievements in all fields.


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