Saudi Ministry of Legal Affairs – Al-Watan Newspaper


Within the 2030 vision, the state is moving to support and fortify the law by all means, and over the past few years we have witnessed amendments to laws and the enactment of new laws, which suggests that the blessed vision is based on justice and what leads to it.Hence, the need to establish a private ministry under the name (Ministry of Legal Affairs) similar to its counterparts in a number of countries in the world, so this ministry acts as the official umbrella for legal affairs in all executive bodies, as the ministries, although not legislated in the first place, contribute to Legislation on the ground. The presence of a reference ministry will lead to controlling and improving the work of other bodies of a legal nature.

The Ministry is also responsible for reviewing government contracts in more than a certain limit, with which corruption is expected to spread, and thus it participates with the Ministry of Finance in monitoring disbursements and provides mechanisms to reduce waste.

The Ministry also handles issues of concern to the state externally and internally, in which the state is a party.

The Ministry is also responsible for expressing legal opinion and legislative and jurisprudential interpretations of laws, regulations and ministerial decisions, leading to the consolidation of serious legal concepts, commitment to them and the application of their provisions.

In the event that this ministry is established, legal affairs cadres will be drawn from all other ministries, so the matter will return to the competent ministry for comment, and the executive ministries ’response regarding legal affairs, and this ministry may include some other bodies such as the expert body in the Council of Ministers.

Centralization in the field of legal affairs secures a higher degree of impartiality. The legal affairs of the government agency remain restricted by its organizational structure and dependent on the decision of the official in the entity, and it may fall into courtesies sometimes.

Also, if this ministry exists, it will contribute to spreading legal culture and creating a private Saudi legal school of a comprehensive nature.


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