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Without getting absorbed in the scientific details about what the “human genome” is, we can hint that it is the genetic material responsible for transmitting genetic traits between generations in its continuous succession in a complex process, while it includes all traits, including known genetic diseases, so as much as people can inherit Healthy and healthy qualities, were their distress, confusion, and relentless pursuit of salvation from the inherited genes of illness and incurable diseases.Scientists have worked diligently to decipher the genetic codes, and to fix the genetic defect in the human genome before it is transmitted through the natural inheritance process, and modern technology has been able to help humans in this brilliant scientific endeavor, so that the science of (the human genome) appears, creating a great revolution in the field of medicine. Scientists, through decoding genetic codes, knowing the DNA sequence, determining the genetic pigments responsible for inheriting diseases, and working to treat them, in a way that guarantees generations are free from the diseases that appeared in their ancestors.

This is what the King Faisal Specialist Foundation Research Center contributed to, whose path was defined by Cabinet Resolution (265) to conduct scientific research to develop treatment methods and improve specialized medical care.

And since this modern science was of great importance, the Kingdom gave it the utmost care, supported by its forward-looking leadership to broad horizons, and looking forward to placing our homeland where it should be in the position of supremacy.

That is why the (Saudi Human Genome) program came as one of the most important national pioneering projects and scientific pillars that are in line with the ambitious 2030 vision.

It is an important building block in the Saudi society, on which there are broad hopes to limit the spread of common genetic and genetic diseases, which have (dyed the lives of some people in a dark black), to become one of the largest (10) projects of the human genome in the world, looking ahead in its endeavor to establish future health strategies, to become a tributary For scientific research related to the human genome, which is the medical revolution for the future of the Earth.

With the unlimited support of the wise leadership, the latest technical means and human cadres (for the Research Center of the King Faisal Specialist Foundation) have been harnessed to carry out research, examinations and participations to decode genetic codes and genetic mutations, study the genetic sequences of the Saudi society and detect rare genetic diseases. He was able to document (7500) variants causing genetic and genetic diseases, of which (3000) genetic variants causing more than (1230) rare genetic diseases in Saudi Arabia.

In addition, many biological electronic chips, which contain thousands of genes linked to various diseases, have been developed in a global precedent set for the institution.

Not missing from the memory of days is the name of Dr. (Khawla Al-Kuraia), who was able to make a genetic modification of colon and rectal cancer cells, and it was a breakthrough in deciphering this dangerous disease, and a program was established to besiege (224) genetic diseases through the technique of genetic diagnosis before implantation in order to Choosing embryos free from genetic diseases, to prevent the suffering of many affected families or carriers of genetic diseases that cause physical and mental disabilities, in addition to many studies to reduce the percentage of genetic diseases in society and reduce the economic burdens resulting from treating these diseases.

In addition to the pre-marital screening project by establishing a genetic database that had the greatest impact on detecting future genetic diseases, which reflected positively on the outputs of this ambitious project that the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology adopted as a national project, and since the seed of the Saudi Human Genome Project emerged in 2013, And inaugurated its central laboratory (His Highness Crown Prince Mohammed) in 2018, the Specialist Research Center had the largest share in providing it with research and outputs, as the most important terminal laboratories for this ambitious national project.

The Specialist Foundation Research Center has also used to support patients by providing specialized treatment for chronic diseases, by enabling the scientific research team to carry out several research projects on the human genome that helped diagnose, treat and reduce rare genetic cases by decoding the genetic code of citizens and creating a database to document the first genetic map of the Saudi society. In a way that contributes to early detection and diagnosis processes, or even before chronic diseases such as colon and breast cancer, heart disease, neurological diseases, and others,

The Specialist Research Center also identified the two genes responsible for the Adam olivine syndrome (and enlargement of the retinal artery of the eye) and the genetic gene that causes each neurological disease.

The specialist celebrated Dr. Fawzan Al-Kuraia’s winning of the American Card Stern Award as the first winner from outside the American scientific institutions with this award, contributing his research in the diagnosis and prevention of many patients with genetic disorders, all of which helped the hospital to provide specialized health care in our dear country and unleash Towards the next generation of diagnostic medicine.

Under the wise leadership and with the financially unlimited support and the selection of competent and knowledgeable leaders, Sarh Al-Takhasusi will present during the next five years one of the best human genome projects in the world, and a first step towards new and diverse discoveries related to genetic variants.

The King Faisal Specialist Foundation and Research Center is expanding on the homeland realizing (Malik’s vision) in securing specialized health care for the citizen and is able with its conscious administration, a specialized research center and multiple medical banks such as the umbilical cord blood bank for stem cell transplantation, and the bone bank to provide bone grafts. For those who need it, advanced skill in organ transplantation, mutual capabilities in the field of specialized medicine and treatment of rare diseases, and luxurious support from the nation’s guardian.

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