Saudi Arabia .. The Control and Anti-Corruption Commission initiates 158 criminal cases


The most prominent criminal cases were related to bribery, abuse of the influence of the public office, fraud and money laundering, as revealed The Saudi Press Agency “SPA”.

The authority confirmed, in a statement, that it is Continuing to monitor and control anyone who trespasses on public money or exploits the job to achieve his personal interest, or to harm the public interest and hold him accountable even after the end of his relationship with the job. “.

The authority noted that Article 16 of the Anti-Bribery Law exempted the briber or mediator from the original and ancillary punishment if he informed the authorities of the crime before its discovery.

In its statement, the authority also appreciated the efforts of government agencies in combating financial and administrative corruption and setting policies and procedures that enhance the efficiency of performance, speed of achievement and blocking outlets of corruption, praising the cooperation of those bodies with them and the media on what is published in order to protect integrity, achieve the principle of transparency and combat corruption.

In conclusion, she expressed her gratitude to citizens and residents for their cooperation in reporting through the authority’s available channels of any practices involving financial or administrative corruption that would undermine the state’s efforts to support and enhance the comprehensive development process, in light of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision.


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