Saudi Arabia records a tangible increase in daily injuries and deaths in Corona



Hamad I Mohammed

Saudi flag in Mecca.

Today, Friday, the Saudi Ministry of Health announced that it had recorded 441 cases and 20 new deaths from the Coronavirus, a tangible increase for both indicators.

The Ministry stated that the number of new infections with the new Corona virus “COVID-19” has increased in the country during the past 24 hours, by 441 cases, bringing the total number of infected people to 352,160 people, and 7408 of them are active, including 804 critical cases.

Today’s statistics indicate that the index of daily infections with the Corona virus has increased in Saudi Arabia, after it reached 394 cases on November 11, and on November 12, 311.

The ministry reported that 20 new deaths were reported, bringing the death toll from the pandemic in Saudi Arabia to 5,625.

This number also represents an increase in the death index due to the Corona virus, as it had already reached on November 11, 14 cases, and on November 12, 15.

The ministry also stated that the number of people recovering from “COVID-19” has reached 339,568 people, after 454 new cures were recorded.

Source: RT


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