Saudi Arabia News Today .. The Public Prosecution directed to arrest people who opened fire indiscriminately … and the new Social Security identifies 3 cases for pension suspension


Thunderstorms in 10 regions

Monitor «Urgent Newspaper»The most important news in Saudi Arabia, Friday, November 27, 2020 AD, including: The Public Prosecution directed the arrest of people who terrorized the safe with random shooting, and the new social security system identifies 3 cases to stop the pension payment, and thunderstorms fall in 10 regions.

The Public Prosecution office directed the arrest of people who terrorized the peaceful people with random shooting

An official source in the Public Prosecution stated that based on what was monitored from the Parliamentary Monitoring Center for a video circulating on social media, in which several people were shown in a vehicle and wandering around the streets of the Aflaj governorate, and one of them filmed the front passenger carrying a firearm type machine gun and later appeared shooting Randomly, which caused terror to the neighborhood’s residents and passers-by, the Public Prosecutor’s order was issued to arrest people and refer them urgently to the Public Prosecution Office to take legal action against them.

The new social security system defines 3 cases to stop paying pensions

The new “Social Security” system defined 3 cases in which the pension payment for beneficiaries is suspended, as well as the penalties prescribed for breaching the conditions of disbursement.

Saturday’s weather .. Thunderstorms rain in 10 regions … and a detailed temperature statement

The “National Center of Meteorology” predicted the weather conditions for tomorrow, Saturday, noting that thunderstorms will rain in 6 regions.

With pictures, the “Saudi Traffic” closes the “Hada Road” as a precaution … for this reason

Today, Friday, the Saudi Traffic Department announced the closure of the “Hada Road” leading to Makkah Al-Mukarramah (Karra), as a precaution due to the thick fog.

Environmental Security seizes 16 tons of local wood for sale in Riyadh

The Special Forces for Environmental Security seized 11 citizens and residents of Pakistani nationality in possession of (16) tons of local firewood prepared for sale in the city of Riyadh. This was due to their violation of the grazing and forestry system prohibiting tree cutting, and the instructions that prohibit the sale or transfer of local firewood.

In numbers … Riyadh and Jeddah are at the top of the new Corona injuries in the Kingdom

Riyadh topped the list of Saudi cities in terms of new infections with the “emerging corona virus” during the past 24 hours, recording 70 new infections, followed by Jeddah with 28 cases, then Yanbu 18 cases, so Medina 17 cases. According to the Ministry of Health in its daily report.

Mecca’s battered girl … “Domestic Violence Center” explains the latest developments in the case

The Domestic Violence Reporting Center (1919) revealed the latest developments of a girl who was subjected to abuse by her family in the Makkah region, and posted a distress on social media, indicating that regular measures are being taken with the perpetrator.

Competition to break the record for fastest falcon in the King Abdulaziz Festival

Saudi and international falconers are preparing to compete in order to break the record set on the grounds of the King Abdulaziz Festival for the fastest falcon to travel 400 meters in the Malawah competition, which will start tomorrow in Malham, north of Riyadh, organized by the Saudi Falcon Club.

Medium to heavy rains throughout the Al-Qassim region

Moderate to heavy rain fell on the Qassim region this Friday evening, including the city of Buraidah, the governorates (Onaizah, Al Bukayriyah, Al Rass, Al Badaa, Al Mudhanb, Al Shamasiyah, Al Khubra, Riyadh Al Khebara, Ayoun Al Jawa, Al Asyah, Al Rabiah Centers, Al Bateen, Al Bandariyah, Al Hasouniyah, Aba Al Woroud, Hanizal, Al Qawara, Al Bateen, Al Fawara, and Al Ammar), and separate parts of the governorates and centers. Region.

In pictures … the arrest of the owner of the “drifting vehicle” in Jizan … and the application of the penalties prescribed against him

Today, Friday, the “Saudi Traffic” confirmed that the commander of the “drifting vehicle”, who had posted clips on social media, had been caught practicing drifting.

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