Saudi Arabia | Learn about rain opportunities in Jeddah from 1 – 9 November 2020


ArabiaWeather – a period of rainy disruption that continues to affect the country Jeddah cityDuring which questions increase about what the coming days will bear Chances of rain or a continuation of droughts and rainfallsThis is what we will answer in Arabia weather Based on the latest outputs of our computer simulation systems, which were released this morning, Saturday 10/31/2020.

An incoming chance for rain

The latest forecast refers to A.The possibility that the city of Jeddah will be affected by a weak state of air instability, from Tuesday 3 November until Sunday 8 November, As clouds are expected to multiply and the opportunity will be created for scattered showers of rain, They are generally light.

These are the chances of rain in the city of Jeddah in the short and medium term

  • Sunday: Rain opportunities in Jeddah are non-existent
  • Monday: No chance of rain in Jeddah
  • Tuesday: The chances of rain in Jeddah rise to 10%, which is a very weak possibility
  • Wednesday: There is a further improvement in the chances of rain in Jeddah, and its probability is about 40%
  • Thursday: Today is the best chance of rain during the current week, the chance of rain rises to 60%
  • Friday: The chances of rain begin to decline in the city of Jeddah, and the probability of rain is 40%
  • Saturday: an additional decrease in the chances of rain to 10%
  • Sunday: Chances of rain do not exceed 5%

ArabiaWeather would like to emphasize that these forecasts are subject to change based on the developments of the atmosphere and the fluctuation of the prevailing weather systems، Therefore, updates about rain opportunities will be released in the city of Jeddah whenever needed.


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