Saudi Arabia .. Disclosure of officers involved in corruption cases at the Ministry of Defense


The Saudi Authority for Control and Anti-Corruption announced the initiation of criminal cases regarding corruption cases in the Saudi Ministry of Defense, and said that a number of officers and civilian employees in the ministry were involved in them.

The authority announced the seizure of corruption cases in the Ministry of Defense in which a number of officers and civil servants were involved in suspicious financial transactions of about $ 328 million. According to the official Saudi Press Agency, the authorities charged corruption against at least 51 people, including officers in the Ministry of Defense, businessmen and residents, among the 6 Issues.

The agency quoted an official source in the Supervision and Anti-Corruption Authority in Saudi Arabia – whose name it was not mentioned – that the commission had initiated 158 criminal cases during the last period, the parties of which were 226 citizens and residents.

The commission investigated 48 people, including 19 employees of the Ministry of Defense, 3 government employees, 18 businessmen, and 8 employees working in companies contracted with the joint forces, including 3 foreigners.

It stated that the defendants had made illegal financial gains amounting to one billion 229 million and 400 thousand riyals (328 million dollars), and the investigations ended with 44 of them being charged, and work is currently underway to recover the looted funds to the state treasury.

For his part, the military and strategic expert, Hisham Jaber, indicated in an interview with Al-Jazeera that it is not uncommon for Saudi Arabia to announce in detail cases of corruption in specific departments, and that behind the announcement is a political goal aimed at opening old files to convict former officials, indicating that the timing came with the American administration New.

For his part, the international relations advisor at the Geneva Center for Studies disagreed with Nasser Zuhair, a military expert on the issue of timing, and considered that this had already happened after US President Donald Trump received the ruling at the time.

He added that what the Saudi government is doing is a process of breaking taboos, whether that is by denouncing princes or senior officials, or talking about the Ministry of Defense or Foreign Affairs.

In the remaining five cases, the commission charged corruption charges against the director of quality management in a district’s secretariat and his two brothers, a financial representative at the Ministry of Finance in one of the governorates, a retired major general from the Ministry of National Guard, a director of contracts and procurement management in health affairs in one of the governorates, and an employee of the Education Department in one of the regions.

The authority stressed that it continues to monitor and control anyone who encroaches on public money or exploits the job to achieve his personal interest, or to harm the public interest, and to hold him accountable even after the end of his relationship with the job.


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