Saudi Arabia dazzles the world in the G20 summit


An exceptional success for an exceptional summit in an exceptional year. Saudi Arabia, as usual, is brilliant, dazzling the world with the pioneering role it has played. The Kingdom, with its wise leadership of the group in these exceptional circumstances, has established its position and its humanitarian and economic presence in all the relentless endeavors to unify global efforts for the good of humanity in various fields.An elaborate organization and a distinguished management that contributed to its reaching constructive decisions and fruitful recommendations, especially in the field of strengthening international cooperation to confront the Corona pandemic and limit its negative repercussions on various walks of life in addition to stimulating efforts to fulfill the requirements of sustainable development that all seek and keep pace with successive developments, especially health conditions.

All G20 members were keen to participate in this summit despite the exceptional circumstances that the world is going through, which clearly reflects the prestige the Kingdom enjoys in the international community and is a source of pride for all.

To you, Sir, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and His Highness the Crown Prince, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, my sincere congratulations and congratulations for this brilliant success that made enemies before friends bless and congratulate the achievement that astonished them and bridged their mouths. In words and polemics .. The G20’s adoption of the Saudi Arabia’s circular carbon economy program has made the opinions of some environmentalists about oil obsolete. The program announced at the summit is more advanced and achieves a bright future for humanity.

The success achieved by loyal men and women of the nation’s sons and daughters has impressive stories clearly exemplified by the Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority – SADA – which dealt with technology with great professionalism and attracted a distinguished elite of creative national youth to fulfill the requirements of moving the summit to all parts of the world and at the same time the challenge was The great repelling of cyber attacks on the G20 platforms, which exceeded millions, the (Brooq) platform is a national accomplished with pride that has special protection systems that have been developed to deal with these attacks through the Security Operations Center .. These cyber acts of sabotage will never limit the determination of the Saudis. It makes them stronger and more determined to succeed.

These stories of high-quality successes deserve documentation and proudly tell future generations how the Kingdom’s role was distinguished in implementing such huge events, with such quality and with all abilities and ability with Saudi arms, so they were appreciated by all the world for their strong actions and presence.

The powerful, great Saudi Arabia, with its Lord, invested in the minds of its young men and women and enabled its men and women to be in tough situations and in forums, dazzling and accomplished, no matter how hard and strong the difficulties are.

When we talk about empowering women and youth, we say in Saudi Arabia here are national models that have proven their competence and ability to lead the event with high efficiency. Opportunities are available and the future promises many projects that are waiting for these two groups to put their mark on history.

Saudis and Saudi women have prepared themselves to lead the future and move forward towards the goal of dreamers who are confident in their abilities and who believe in their leadership that supports them and strengthens them .. We have the right to repeat together: The summit is ours, our pride is ours, and the high position is worthy of us, and no one is favorable to us. From our glory, empowerment, and success, God distribute us, thank you for your blessings, increase our hope, and make this country safe and secure until the Hour of Resurrection.

And I conclude with the words of my master, the Crown Prince, as a catalyst for the Saudi people: (I live among a mighty and great people who only set a goal and achieve it with ease, I do not think there are any challenges facing the great Saudi people).


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