Saudi Arabia admits to targeting Aramco oil facilities in Jeddah


The World – Saudi Arabia

The source said: “The firefighting teams managed to extinguish the fire, and there were no injuries or loss as a result of this attack, and Saudi Aramco’s supplies of fuel to its customers were not affected,” as he claimed..

The source considered that his country strongly condemns this “attack” while forgetting or forgetting the almost daily Saudi attacks on the Yemeni people and the massacres committed by Saudi Arabia and the UAE within the coalition of aggression against children and women and the vital installations of this people.

In the context, the spokesman for the Saudi aggression coalition, Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, accused the Ansar Allah group of attacking the fuel distribution station in Jeddah, declaring that it was “proven to be involved in the fuel tank fire at the petroleum products distribution station in Jeddah.”

Earlier Monday, the Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Saree, confirmed that the Aramco distribution station in the Saudi city of Jeddah had been targeted by a Quds 2 winged missile.

A spokesman for the armed forces stated that the Quds 2 missile had recently entered service after successful operational tests in the Saudi rear, which had not been announced yet.


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