Saudi Arabia Achieves Highest Ranks of Commitment to Implementing the Outcomes of the G20 Summit


Saudi Arabia Achieves Highest Ranks of Commitment to Implementing the Outcomes of the G20 Summit

It topped the “cyber resilience” index to protect the safe space and enhance the reliability of technical transactions

Wednesday – 10 Rabi` Al Thani 1442 AH – 25 November 2020 AD Issue No. [

The slogan of the Riyadh summit of the Group of Twenty ending last Sunday

Riyadh: «Middle East»

The Follow-up Report on Commitment to Implementing the Outcomes of the G20 Summit confirmed that Saudi Arabia has achieved the highest levels of commitment to implementing the outcomes of the G20 Summit related to cyber resilience, confirming the great importance the Kingdom attaches to national cybersecurity, and the realization that it is a basic goal and constituent to protect the country’s vital interests and infrastructure. Sensitive sectors, priority sectors, government services and activities, to reach a safe and reliable Saudi space that enables growth and prosperity.
The report pointed out that Saudi Arabia, represented by the National Cybersecurity Authority, issued a number of controls and regulations related to cybersecurity, the most prominent of which were the launch of cybersecurity controls for cloud computing, launching cybersecurity guidelines for e-commerce, developing cybersecurity tools, and launching security controls for sensitive systems, In addition to the adoption of the national cybersecurity strategy that establishes a new phase and contributes to establishing an integrated national system for cybersecurity that enables national entities to raise their level of cyber security and protect their networks, systems and electronic data.
At the international level, the report indicated that Saudi Arabia has made great efforts in this field represented in building international partnerships in cybersecurity, and Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, adopted two international initiatives to strengthen the protection of cyberspace: the first is to protect children. In cyberspace, and the other to empower women in this field.
The two initiatives coincided with the launch of the International Cyber ​​Security Forum, in which a group of heads of cybersecurity agencies and bodies in a number of countries and international organizations participated to discuss strengthening cyber resilience and capabilities and encouraging international cooperation in this field.
The forum witnessed the announcement of the “Riyadh Statement on Cybersecurity”, which calls on everyone to join in support of a number of goals and recommendations aimed at concerting efforts towards a better cyberspace for all. The report also indicated the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Global Forum for Cybersecurity Resilience to activate information sharing and contribute to the development of Technical capabilities in information sharing, and training of more than 500 specialists in the field of sharing cyber information.
It is noteworthy that the National Cybersecurity Authority, as part of its efforts to protect cybersecurity in Saudi Arabia, had launched the National Cybersecurity Strategy last September, which aims to direct national efforts towards enhancing cybersecurity, as a national framework to support government efforts and high-importance infrastructure. ; In order to enhance the security of the cyberspace of the Kingdom, and to follow safe practices for dealing with technology and protecting information, data and systems for the national authorities in the Kingdom, it also aims to work to prepare qualified cadres, and to encourage and enable national authorities and the private sector to invest and create a vital environment for innovation in cybersecurity.


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