Samsung phones set an astonishing number in their home – economic – world today


Recent economic data revealed that the share of “Samsung” in the phone market in South Korea exceeded 70 percent, which is rare for any company in its country of origin to report, according to “Sky News Arabia”.

According to a report issued by “Strategy Analytics”, which specializes in financial analysis, Samsung sold 3.4 million smartphones during the third quarter of this year..

The “Chosun Ilbo” website stated that “Samsung” acquired exactly 72.3 percent of smart phone sales in the Asian country..

And “Samsung” launched several smartphones in the second half of this year, while its closest competitor “Apple” By launching the latest versions of the iPhone 12“.

However, the “Apple” company was late in launching the “iPhone” phones this year, until October, due to the circumstances of the spread of the new Corona epidemic, and defects in parts that are brought from China.

In the United States, Samsung overtook “Apple” during the third quarter of this year, taking the first place in the US phone market for the first time in three years..

Economists attribute the supremacy of Samsung in sales to more than one smartphone, that is, the multiplicity of “models” and options for buyers..

On the other hand, the “Apple” company faced several criticisms, and it was said that it launched its devices in September every year without bringing revolutionary and new advantages that deserve to push customers to own them..

Last August, for example, Samsung announced the Galaxy Note 20, and the following month, it announced two foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold and the Z Flip G.“.

But this supremacy of “Samsung” may not last long, according to one expert, especially in light of expectations that “Apple” phones will achieve strong sales during the last quarter of this year..



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