S96 Pro..the first infrared night vision smartphone


While the world has to deal with day Black friday, The Chinese have their own version, known as Singles’ Day (also known as 11.11), where some sellers use the occasion as a perfect excuse to launch new products and cut prices before the expected tsunami of orders, for example: Weed Its S96 Pro which was touted as the first rugged infrared night vision smartphone running Android 10 is now available.

The price of the S96 Pro is approximately $ 299.99, but you can get it for $ 239.99 instead if you make an initial order for the phone, as you’ll get it for Singles’ Day price.

The unique point of the S96 Pro is the Sony IMX350 chip-based night vision camera, with four infrared lights and four LEDs. Doogee claims that you will be able to photograph anything clearly even in complete darkness.

He noted that this differs from the FLIR technology that searches for heat and that is found in devices such as (Blackview BV9900 Pro).

The rest of the spec sheet for the S96 Pro includes three rear cameras, a 16MP selfie camera, a Mediatek G90 chipset, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage.

The only real weakness is the phone’s 6.22-inch screen – 1520 x 720 pixels – that’s not even Full HD.

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