Russian doctors in Palestine to help fight Corona




A group of Russian doctors from Pavlov First University in St. Petersburg is conducting a series of consultations, seminars and training courses in Palestinian hospitals to help fight the Coronavirus.

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The head of the Russian delegation and director of the intensive care unit, Lyudmila Gavrilova, told the Russian news agency “Sputnik”: “We move from city to city almost every day, and every day we visit a new hospital and sometimes we visit two hospitals daily.”

She added, “We also visited the infectious diseases department and examined patients in every hospital, and I would like to point out in particular that Palestinian doctors are very open to communicate with us and listen to what we say with great attention.”

Russian doctors examined a 40-year-old Palestinian with Corona virus, who suffers from severe kidney disease, and was connected to a ventilator at Hugo Chavez Hospital.

Russian doctors performed re-intubation so that lung saturation increased by 14%, and the patient’s condition improved significantly.

In addition to practical assistance in every hospital, where Russian doctors hold seminars and lectures for Palestinian doctors, they note that the hospitals have good equipment and high quality to train medical personnel.

A delegation of Russian doctors, who arrived in Palestine on November 16 at the invitation of the Palestinian Ministry of Health and with the assistance of the Russian diplomatic mission in Ramallah, agreed to establish permanent contact with Palestinian hospitals via the Internet.

Source: Sputnik


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