Russia records the highest death toll from Corona since the start of the pandemic


During the past 24 hours, Russia recorded a huge increase and an unprecedented jump in the highest death toll from “Corona” since the beginning of the pandemic.

The Russian Operations Center for fighting the virus announced – in its daily report – that 25,487 new infections were recorded compared to / 23,675 / yesterday, bringing the total number of Covid-19 cases to two million 187,990 infections since the beginning of the pandemic, and 21.6% of new patients did not show symptoms of infection, as they are distributed New infections among all the country’s 85 regions, on top of which is the capital, Moscow, which is the epicenter of the outbreak.

The Operations Center indicated that 524 deaths were recorded compared to yesterday (507), bringing the total death toll from the virus to 38062 cases, with a similarity of 25073 people during the last day, which raises the total number to one million and 685 thousand and 492 people, with 464,436 cases remaining. Active.


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