Russia confirms that its Corona vaccine is 95 percent effective


Participants in a statement issued by the center, the Russian Ministry of Health, and the Russian Sovereign Fund indicated Vaccine development, Indicating that these are preliminary results of trials on volunteers, 42 days after the injection of the first dose.

However, the statement did not mention the number of cases used to calculate the effectiveness rate, as did, for example, my company Pfizer and Moderna The two Americans when the results of their vaccinations were announced a few days ago.

Last Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin told the leaders of the Group of Twenty, that Russia is ready to provide a vaccine for the Corona virus, “Sputnik-V”, to any country that needs it.

و .وضح Putin Russia is also preparing two other vaccines, adding that making a group of vaccines is our “common goal,” according to Reuters.

And she was Russia In August, she registered the world’s first Corona virus vaccine, bearing the name “SputnikAfter a Soviet-era satellite, but before large-scale clinical trials were carried out.

The vaccine developers have since reported that interim test results have shown that it is 92 percent effective, slightly less than its international competitors developed by Pfizer and our American company.


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