Riots and clashes between demonstrators and policemen in Washington “Election Night”


          More than 150 demonstrations took place on the streets of the United States to protest Trump's speech            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>Yesterday, Washington, DC, had one of its toughest nights, after the polls closed for the presidential elections in all 50 states.  It witnessed chaos and riots in the vicinity of the White House, although the results were not announced and the winner of the race determined.

And between the fighting and the escape between the policemen and the young demonstrators, violence and riots erupted on Tuesday evening, which led to the demonstrators burning tires of vehicles, closing streets and roads, demanding loud chants for President Trump to leave the White House, achieving justice, and other slogans such as’ Trump lies all the time ».

According to the videos spread on social media platforms, smoke emissions and gunfire were seen, and it is also believed that gunfire was fired in the air to disperse the demonstrators and reduce the spread of chaos, and arrest those who attacked the police and security riot teams.

“Some people want to cause chaos and trouble,” Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser said, according to the Associated Press, earlier Tuesday, noting that she had never seen such a large number of stores close their doors, saying: “All this makes me sad.” .

The mass demonstrations in front of the White House came from hundreds of supporters of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, who obstructed traffic and set off fireworks, which led to the arrest of many of them in Washington, and other cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Seattle, according to What was reported by some American media.

The demonstrations continued on Wednesday morning, which carried in its general peaceful nature and raised slogans without causing chaos or havoc, unlike the previous night, November 3. The number of demonstrations that took place on Wednesday morning across the country is estimated at 150, after President Trump claimed that he had won the elections before the results were released, threatening to go to the Supreme Court.

Sporadic protests also erupted from Seattle to New York City, without any indications of the potential for serious violence or widespread unrest across the United States in the hours immediately following the closing of the polls, amid protesters chanting: “If we do not get justice, they will not get it.” Peace be upon him ».

Hundreds of stores across the United States closed their doors and windows ahead of the election, fearing violence like the one that erupted earlier this year after the death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. Police and law enforcement teams cordoned off important government buildings, such as Capitol Hill, the Supreme Court, and other important sites in the capital.

It is noteworthy that the National Guard forces declared their readiness for rapid intervention in cases of necessity, as they prepared about 3,600 soldiers in the National Guard for any direct military order in 16 states in particular. There are about 1,000 soldiers in Massachusetts, 300 in Arizona, 300 in Alabama, 1,000 in Oregon, and 1,000 soldiers in Texas, according to the Military Times online newspaper.

The American newspaper indicated that the National Guard forces in the states of Massachusetts and Oregon will be on alert in the event of civil unrest, and Arizona forces will be ready for rapid deployment anywhere in the western part of the country if requested by any governor.


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