Revealing a joint song between an Israeli singer and an Emirati singer (video)


The “Israel in the Gulf” account of the Israeli Foreign Ministry has published a video clip of an upcoming artistic collaboration between Emirati singer Mohammed Al Shehhi and his Israeli counterpart, Dudu Tasa.

Al-Shehhi said in the video about his Israeli counterpart, “He was able to perform the song very well, giving him a thousand well-being for this effort, God willing, you will see something beautiful and good,” as he put it.

For his part, the Israeli singer said in the same passage that was first published by the Emirati newspaper Al-Ittihad.

The “Israel in the Gulf” page commented on this clip by saying “The fruits of peace: Emirati-Israeli artistic collaboration of Muhammad al-Shehhi with singer Dudu Tasa.”

Al-Ittihad newspaper said that the song is “Sir, Mr. Sadati” by the late Emirati singer Jaber Jassim, and will be shown next month.

It is noteworthy that Ben Gurion Airport, south of Tel Aviv, received the first commercial flight from the Emirati “flydubai” company to Israel on Thursday, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received it at the airport.

The first Israeli tourist group arrived in the UAE on Friday, on a flydubai flight as well.

On Friday, the account “Israel in Arabic”, a spokesman for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published a video clip of the Israeli regiment upon its arrival in the Emirate of Dubai.

On August 13, the UAE and Israel reached an agreement to normalize relations between them, which was signed on September 15 in Washington.

After that, the UAE and Israel concluded a number of joint cooperation agreements in several fields.


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