“Retired” McGregor overtakes Habib and accidentally tops UFC classification




Harry How

Retired Irish fighter Conor McGregor, former champion of Russian MMA mixed martial arts, overtook Habib Nurmagomedov, to top the new pound-for-pound rankings regardless of weight class.

Conor McGregor, 32, rose to first place in the UFC rankings regardless of weight classes, while Habib, the lightweight champion, slipped to third place, in the early hours of Sunday morning, before the official website quickly corrected the mistake.

After about an hour, everything was back to normal, the UFC programmers erased the new data, returning Habib to first place, and the Irish fighter, who had not entered the fight since last January, finished at 11th.

McGregor joked earlier about leaving the UFC’s top ten: “Yeah! One double on the pound-for-pound … great!”

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It is noteworthy that the 32-year-old Habib announced his retirement immediately after the end of his fight against Gaetje, with a bright record after 29 victories he had achieved during his professional career, without tasting the bitterness of defeat.

Source: eurosport.ru


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