Rescue of the rare “albino” turtle in western India


A strange-shaped turtle with a bright yellow color was seen inside a pond in a village in West Bengal, India. This rare animal suffers from a type of “albinism” (albinism), which affects the color of the skin. The shape of this turtle has been compared on the Internet to a piece of cheese melted on top of a piece of burger. The turtle belongs to a rare type of turtle called “Indian turtle”.

Biologist Sneha Dharwadka posted photos of the turtle on Twitter and offered two possible explanations for its strange color. He indicated that this “Albinian” pattern, with its distinctive yellow color, may be due to either a genetic mutation or a birth defect due to the absence of tyrosine pigment, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

It is worth noting that the Indian turtle, which is usually green in color, lives in South Asia and ranges between 9 and 14 inches in length. In August, a similar animal of the same species was found in Nepal. At that time, a comparison was made between this animal and the mythological incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu.

These two events represent only the fifth and sixth times to witness the “albino” case of an animal of this type.

Kemal Devkota, a reptile expert who has documented the event, said the turtle has profound spiritual significance. He added, “Not only are turtles golden in color, but turtles in general are distinguished by great religious and cultural value within Nepal.”

He explained: “It is believed that the god Vishnu took the form of a turtle to save the universe from destruction. In Hindu mythology, the turtle’s upper shell symbolizes the sky, while the lower shell symbolizes the earth. ” Today, the cult of the symbolic turtle image of Vishnu, known as korma, is spread across a number of temples within India. The golden turtle’s striking color is due to chromatic leucism – a condition characterized by a loss of color pigment. Usually, leucism results from a white, pale, or patchy color of the skin, but in this case it resulted in a yellowish tint.


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