Reham Said returns to “Sabaya Al-Khair”


Reham Saeed announced that she will return to the screen to present a new season of her program “Sabaya Al-Khair” on “An-Nahar” channel. The Egyptian presenter indicated in a comment posted on Facebook that next Monday will be the date for the launch of her social project. Saeed revealed that her program is broadcasted for three days, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (21:30). The introduction indicated that the reason for the delay by returning to the programs is that “we held successive meetings and continuous sessions.” “Wait for us, we will do a lot of good,” she added. Saeed had caused confusion about the topics covered in her program, and was accused of using some of the characters to attract the largest number of viewers. Also, Saeed was accused of fabricating cases that she hosts in her social program, including the case known as the mall girl who talks about harassment.


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