Reem Al-Najm reveals the details of the leaked scandalous dance video of her: she was betrayed and betrayed


After the great uproar that was raised yesterday due to the leakage of a video clip of her, in which she appeared dancing in a bold manner that was criticized by followers, in addition to her clothes that appeared in it, and some considered it inappropriate, the Kuwaiti media came out of Saudi originsReem Al-NajmAbout her silence, to reveal the details of the video and who leaked it, indicating that she was betrayed and betrayed.
Reem had sparked controversy recently, after the spread of a video clip in which she appeared flirting with the Lebanese artistRagheb Alama, Who was present with her on one of the occasions, and the followers noticed desire tension and the embarrassment he felt.
To find out all the details follow the attached video.


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