“Reckless, but I love you.”


In her first appearance after the crisis of her separation from her husband, the Egyptian artist Tamer Hosny. Published Moroccan fashion designer Basma BousilPhoto collection of her hanging out with her friends.

Basma Bousil appeared in the photos that she published through the story feature on “Instagram”, while she was hanging out with her friends and spending fun times with them away from her husband and their three children.

The phrase “reckless, but I love you”, with which Basma Bousil responded to her husband, Tamer Hosni, in the reconciliation messages exchanged between them, topped social media sites, and became widely circulated.

And resorted to the “McDonald’s” international fast food in Egypt And who used the phrase to promote himself. This made Basma Bousil comment that she was hungry and wanted to order a burger.

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The dispute between Tamer Hosni and Basma Bousil ended last Monday, after her sudden announcement of their separation.

Basma Bousil announced her reconciliation with her husband, Tamer Hosni, after she responded to his message, which he tried to reconcile with, with a message via the “Stories” feature on her account on “Instagram”, in which she said to him: “Really recklessly, but because of your love.”

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