Reasons leading to an increase in vehicle fuel consumption


Tell me – Increased car fuel consumption is a common problem facing many motorists, although there are no apparent reasons for this.

Khaberni – Al-Murabbaa website published the most prominent reasons that lead to an increase in the car’s gasoline consumption:

Moving a car quickly and then stopping suddenly consumes a very large amount of gasoline, and this percentage often exceeds 30%.

The car consumes a large percentage of petrol at start-up, so if your journey is short, it is best not to drive the car.

Damage or malfunction of the oxygen sensor

Damage to the spark plugs (spark plugs) or using a non-original quality in the event of engine problems, it consumes a large amount of gasoline.

The speed of the car exceeds 100 km per hour, so the faster the car exceeds that speed by 10 km, the fuel consumption rate increases by 10% due to the car’s resistance to air.

The gasoline filter is clogged, and it is not changed regularly.

Nebulizer malfunction.

The air filter is clogged.

Failure to adjust tire pressure, as increasing or decreasing pressure leads to high gasoline consumption.

Abolition or damage of the thermostat.

Excess weights, as the greater the weight, the greater the effort, and thus the greater the consumption of gasoline.

Malfunction or damage to the engine temperature sensor or the cooling water temperature sensor.

Use larger and wider tires from the dealership.


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