Real Madrid News: Paris makes a fictional offer to kidnap Ramos from Real Madrid


Sergio Ramos – Real Madrid – La Liga

Sport 360 – The newspaper reported AC The Spanish say that Paris Saint-Germain is determined to sign Sergio Ramos as captain Real Madrid During the upcoming summer transfer period, he is now preparing to make a fantasy show in order to convince the player to move to the Princes’ Park Stadium.

Ramos’ contract with Real Madrid expires after the end of the current season, and if his contract is not renewed until next January, he is entitled to negotiate with any club he wants and sign with him for free in the summer.

The dispute between Ramos and Real Madrid continues

The newspaper stated in its report that the situation is still complicated between Real Madrid And Ramos with regard to the new contract, where the player wants to renew his contract for more than a year, which is contrary to the club’s policy for players who have exceeded the 30-year barrier.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the only player in the modern era of Real Madrid who was an exception to this rule, and his contract was renewed for five years even though he was 31 years old, while Pepe was dispensed with when he insisted on a 3-year contract at the end of his career.

The report added that Real Madrid is now offering Ramos to renew the contract for a period of one year only, with a clause that allows it to be renewed for another season automatically, but whether or not this clause is activated by the club’s management and not the player.

Paris Saint-Germain tempts Ramos … The problem is not money

AS confirmed that Paris Saint-Germain will officially start negotiations with Ramos in early January, and intend to grant him a three-year contract and a large annual salary of 20 million euros.

The annual salary is not the most important thing for Ramos, as he is convinced of getting 12 million euros a year with Real Madrid, but he wants a contract that guarantees his continuity with the club for at least two years, and this is what Florentino Perez rejects.

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