Real Madrid news: Manchester United plans to strike a huge swap deal with Real Madrid


Paul Pogba – Manchester United – English Premier League

Sport 360 – Spanish press reports revealed that Manchester United He intends to sign a French defender, Raphael Varane Real Madrid In exchange for the abandonment of his compatriot Paul Pogba in a swap deal, during the next summer transfer period.

Pogba hinted on several occasions that he wanted to move to the royal club, as Zinedine Zidane sought to obtain his services, and he recommended the club management to contract with him on the most occasion, but the two clubs did not reach an agreement in the end.

All expectations refer to Pogba’s departure from the Red Devils in the summer of 2021, as his contract will expire after only one year, and in light of his remarkably low level, United’s management is ready to give up.

Real Madrid will not agree to include Varane in the deal

According to the network Devensa Central Spanish, Manchester United is well aware that Pogba will leave anyway, and therefore he wants to make the most possible benefit from his departure by concluding an exchange deal with the Real under which he obtains the services of Raphael Varane.

The network stated in its report that Zinedine Zidane is still adhering to the idea of ​​joining Paul Pogba, but at the same time, he does not intend to dispense with Varane despite his recent low level, and thus he will go Real Madrid To try to include the French star through an amount of money.

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