“Public Services” declares Biden the winner of the elections … and Trump asks his team to cooperate


Media reported, at dawn on Tuesday, that the US Public Services Administration officially notified Democrat Joe Biden that he was the winner of the US elections, and informed him that he would receive the necessary funds to start the transition process, according to the law, while they indicated that Republican President Donald Trump asked his team to cooperate with President-elect during the transitional period.

The US President-elect, Joe Biden, chose Avril Haynes, the former CIA Deputy Director, as Director of National Intelligence, becoming the first woman to hold the position.

Biden had announced his first ministerial choices for his next administration, and decided to choose his veteran diplomatic ally Anthony Blinken for the State Department portfolio, and chose Linda Thomas Greenfield for the position of delegate to the United Nations, and Jake Sullivan for the position of National Security Adviser, while former Secretary of State John Kerry returned to official work one more time; By choosing him as a special presidential envoy for climate issues. Biden is supposed to announce all ministers in the new government on Tuesday.

The US media stopped calling Blinken the name, the 58-year-old State Department candidate is one of Biden’s main foreign policy advisers, and he was the second official in the US State Department under former President Barack Obama when Biden was at that time the vice president. Blinken speaks fluent French, is a tactful interlocutor and supporter of Europe, and went to school in Paris; Where his stepfather practiced the legal profession. A Blinken appointment, which would require Senate approval, could help reassure US allies who have been marginalized or even humiliated under Trump.

Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, wrote on Twitter: Blinken will be a strong secretary of state for the United States. In addition to his extensive experience in foreign policy, he “has a good relationship with the president, which allows him to convey the truth to power,” Hass added.

The Washington Post and other media reported that Biden will also name Jake Sullivan, one of his closest aides, as a national security advisor, and Linda Thomas Greenfield is an ambassador to the United Nations, who was previously an assistant in the State Department for Africa under Barack Obama.

Biden is moving ahead with his preparations to take office in January, despite the move by the outgoing Republican President Donald Trump’s administration on several fronts; To try to nullify the results of the November 3 vote. “You will see Tuesday, the first appointment in the administration of the president-elect,” Ron Klein, who will head Biden’s office, told ABC. On the other hand, according to what was published by the “Axios” website, the Republicans are seeking to block the appointment of some names through Congress. For them, the decision on the majority in the Senate depends on the two seats allocated to the conservative state of Georgia next January. After Republican Senator from outgoing Alaska, Dan Salivan, defeated his Democratic rival, Al Gross.

Republicans have 50 members compared to 48 Democrats in the 100-senatorial House, and on his hierarchy is the elected Vice President, Kamala Harris. As it will be the final choice in voting if the Democrats tie the balance By winning the remaining two seats in Georgia. This comes within the state of Georgia shifting from supporting Republicans to voting for Democrats in the presidential elections; This is for the first time in nearly 3 decades.

On the other hand, if Republicans succeed in retaining their majority, then Biden will have to exhaust all his communication and negotiation skills. To find compromises with his Republican opponents. According to the American website, it was the names that were targeted by the Republicans that spoke out loudly against Trump. However, the presence of a Republican majority in the Senate does not mean rejecting those names leaked from the Biden administration; Some Republicans can override party visions and approve Democratic president appointments, especially since presidents often receive their nominations. (Agencies)


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