PUBG Mobile is back in India .. Expected launch date


She is due to return PUBG Mobile In India after the game was banned in September, interestingly, the game is being re-launched in India after the original creators of PUBG Corporation ended their partnership with Tencent Games, based in India. China And they created a new company called PUBG India Pvt.

A brand new game will be launched for Indian market called PUBG Mobile India Which will be a little different from the original game that people used to play before the ban.

Here’s what might be new and other details you need to know.

PUBG Mobile India may be available to all users in India by the end of December
Media reports claim that by the first week of December, you might be able to play

The game, PUBG Mobile India will be available for the first time for Android users in India and will be released to iOS users at a later time. The game is expected to be available to everyone by the end of December.

The new PUBG Mobile India game will be dedicated to Indian players
The upcoming PUBG Mobile India game will contain new features and settings and will be set in a virtual simulation training ground.

There will be new characters that will automatically start with clothes
Clothes and costumes are an important aspect for PUBG Mobile players, usually, at the start of the game, the default avatar for the player starts without any clothes, however, in the new PUBG Mobile India game, there will be characters

New clothes start automatically.

The color of the multiplication mark changes from red to green
When hit while playing the game, the red color indicates deterioration of the player’s health, however, the red effects are now replaced by green hit effects to reflect the game’s virtual nature.

There will be restrictions regarding the time you can spend playing PUBG Mobile
The company said it will include a feature that places game time restrictions to promote healthy playing habits for young players.

You may have to download the new game and create a brand new account
Even if you have the old PUBG Mobile app installed on your mobile phone, you will have to reinstall the new game to play, although the company has not confirmed this, it is likely that you will start your PUBG Mobile India career again.

PUBG India has partnered with Microsoft to launch the game
PUBG India will use the services of Microsoft Azure Cloud to deliver the game and comply with local data regulations.


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