Processor and modern devices .. All you need to know about the new releases of “Apple”


What was the highlight of what was announced at the November event?

The new processor “M1”, through which Apple will dispense with Intel processors.

What’s the best feature of Big Sur OS?

Desktop apps will be able to run on mobile and vice versa, making switching between devices a seamless experience.

When can I buy new devices?

It’s ready for sale tomorrow, Thursday, and ships next week.

It seems that this year was a busy year for “Apple”, less than a month after the October event, in which the company announced 4 models of iPhones, a new voice assistant and an attractive hour. Yesterday’s turn came to announce devices and tablets, and most importantly. Apple’s new processor.

In the “November event” that was broadcast by the company yesterday evening, Apple displayed its own computer processor called “M1”, thus announcing the end of its association with “Intel” that supplied processors.

It also presented three new “Mac” tablets, and provided some details about the new operating system for the desktop “macOS 11 Big Sur”.

Below we go through in some detail the most important features of the products offered by “Apple”:

New M1 processor

Earlier this year, Apple announced that it would start using its own processors and give up the use of Intel processors in private computers.

During an event on Tuesday, the first Mac chip was unveiled. Apple launched this new “M1” chip, and the company’s presentation showed a raft of performance and energy efficiency gains in the new design.

Apple designed the chips about a decade ago, but their use has largely been limited to the company’s products in mobile devices, headphones, voice assistants, and earphones.

The new eight-core processor contains 16 billion transistors and supports various types of devices.

The new MacBook Air tablet


It is the first “Mac” computer equipped with the new “M1” chip from Apple. It comes in size 13 inches, and is put on sale for $ 999, and is ready for shipment next week.

According to the company, the device is much faster than the previous version by about 3.5 times, and the efficiency of the CPU and the enhanced graphics performance are 5 times better than the previous version, but it still provides a battery life of up to 18 hours.

The device comes without an internal fan, and the quality of the camera has been improved, with 4 USB ports.

The new “Mac Mini” computer


One of the most surprising announcements of the November event is the update of the Mac mini, which will be on sale today and be ready for shipment next week.

The price of the device starts at $ 699, and has a storage capacity of 256 GB in “SSD” format, and a random access memory of 8 GB.

The small desktop computer is a silver block with rounded corners, slightly larger than an external hard drive.

The new M1 chip inside gives three times the performance of the previous Mac mini.

The mini device includes two Thunderbolt / USB ports, an HDMI interface, and two USB-A ports.

It can operate two screens simultaneously, and displays content at resolutions up to “4K”.

The new MacBook Pro


Comes computer “MacBook Pro” new size of 13 inches, and is also powered by processor “M1”, and is ready for sale since today for $ 1299, and starts shipping since next week.

The device had the same improvements in speed and energy efficiency that Apple provided to other devices, and perhaps the most important improvement in it is that the battery life is up to 20 hours.

The new “macOS 11 Big Sur” operating system.


The next Mac desktop operating system has been in beta for months, and now Apple has given it a stable release date, and it’s available for free download since tomorrow, Thursday.

Apple says: “Its new processor makes system programs respond twice as fast as before, while giving major enhancements to huge programs such as Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro.”

“The new operating system can work on old Apple devices that use Intel processors, in addition to devices that use the M1 processor, so it is not necessary to buy a new Mac to get the latest software improvements.”

The most obvious change in “Big Sur” is its design that has fixed some features in it, including rounding application icons, and the menu bars are transparent so that you can see the background behind them.

Altogether, the new “Big Sur” design signals the unification of Apple’s three operating systems: macOS, iOS and iPadOS.

The goal, according to the company, is to simplify the process for users and application developers alike.

Desktop apps will be able to run on mobile and vice versa, making switching between devices a seamless experience.

Users of the new system have more control over the information that is collected by third-party applications and websites.

For example, the new “Privacy Report” for “Big Sur” actively tracks the ad trackers that appear in “Safari” and maintains a record to notify the user of the number of times the websites attempt to collect their data.


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