Polisario confirms continued fighting in the desert


Polisario confirms the fighting continues in the desert

Saturday – 28 Rabi ‘Al-Awal 1442 AH – November 14, 2020 CE

A picture distributed by the Moroccan army of militants from the Polisario leaving their position near the Mauritanian border (AFP)

Algeria: «Middle East Online»

The Polisario Front confirmed today (Saturday) that the fighting will continue, following the military operation carried out by Morocco, yesterday (Friday), to secure the border crossing in the buffer zone of Guerguerat towards Mauritania.
The foreign minister of the “Sahrawi Arab Republic”, which the Polisario declared its establishment in Algeria since 1976, Mohamed Salem Ould Salek told the French Press Agency, “The fighting continues after the withdrawal of Moroccan forces from Guerguerat,” without giving any details. He added that the ceasefire agreement, in effect since 1991 under the auspices of the United Nations, “has become a thing of the past.”
Polisario President Ibrahim Ghali announced on Saturday that he had issued a decree declaring “the end of commitment to the ceasefire” and “the resumption of hostilities in defense of the legitimate rights of our people.”
The announcement comes the day after the Moroccan forces carried out an operation to “establish a security belt” at the border crossing in the Guerguerat buffer zone on the border with Mauritania, according to a statement by the General Command of the Royal Armed Forces yesterday (Friday) night.
The Polisario Defense Ministry said in a statement on Friday night that its forces carried out “intense attacks” on the Moroccan army sites in Al Mahbas, Hawza, Awsard and Al Farisiyah, causing losses in lives and equipment. It was not possible for the French Press Agency to verify the authenticity of this news from independent sources.
An informed source told the agency in Rabat that this information was “incorrect”, indicating that there had been no news of clashes, either by the General Command of the Royal Armed Forces or the peacekeeping force of the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in the Sahara (MINURSO).
Morocco has not announced any battles with Polisario fighters, whether in Guerguerat or other military sites along the wall separating its forces from Polisario fighters since the end of the eighties.
The Moroccan army’s general command’s statement only indicated that its members had been shot at when they intervened in Guerguerat on Friday, “without any casualties being recorded.”


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