Poetry of the Arab girl at an evening at the Emirates Heritage Club


أشعار" فتاة العرب" في أمسية بنادي تراث الإمارات

Abu Dhabi (ArduPoint Network 06 November 2020 نوفمبر) The Zayed Center for Studies and Research of the Emirates Heritage Club organized yesterday, in cooperation with the Aousha Bint Khalifa Al Suwaidi Foundation “The Arab Girl”, a virtual poetry evening entitled “Aousha Poetry … Manhal of Wisdom, Beauty and Values “.

The evening – which comes within the framework of the Zayed Center for Studies and Research’s interest in popular poetry and its symbols – was attended by the poet Muhammad Al-Bariki, the poet Mahmoud Nour, the poet and writer Muayad Al-Shaibani and the poet Maryam Al-Naqbi and moderated by Rifaat Abu Assaf.

This evening celebrated the works of the late poet Ausha bint Khalifa Al-Suwaidi “Girl of the Arabs”, whose poetic experience constituted a rare, unique and original poetry of the originality of this society, the authenticity of its people, its heritage and its civilization.

Dr. Hamed bin Muhammad Khalifa Al Suwaidi, founder of the Awsha Bint Khalifa Al Suwaidi Foundation, “Girl of the Arabs” expressed his happiness in cooperating with the Emirates Heritage Club in organizing this poetry evening for “Arab Girl” in honor of her for her Nabatean poetry march that is still present in everyone’s hearts.


For their part, poets expressed their happiness during the evening to participate in this event that evokes the poetry of the late Ausha bint Khalifa Al-Suwaidi, her glory, wisdom and creativity, stressing that the “Arab Girl” added to Nabati poetry in the Emirates sweetness, sweetness, paper and sympathy, and made this poetry a home for confused souls, and a refuge For bleeding hearts, and a house in which the echo of days resonates, memory returns and the wound of absence.


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