Pictures: Celebrity Choice Sheila Sabt as Beauty Ambassador for 2020


Some of the photos and videos were circulated on social media and social media pages for the celebration of the Bahraini star Sheila Sabt, and this came after she was chosen as the Beauty Ambassador 2020, and she confirmed that this is a wonderful surprise for her.

The Bahraini Star Selection: Sheila Sabt is this year’s beauty ambassador:

This came during the praise of the main ambassadors of beauty in the Lebanese Arab world, Rania Othman, for her natural beauty and the Bahraini star Sheila Sabt is the first beauty ambassador, as she was chosen as the main ambassadors of beauty in the Arab world.

Where she can choose the most beautiful stars and girls to fill this position, as well as signs of happiness and joy on her, and also she is very proud of this choice, while Sheila Sabt adopted a simple black look consisting of an open-shoulder blouse with a long skirt.

Her hairstyle was like straight hair of medium length, while all those around her assured that Sheila Sabet enjoys natural beauty, even with makeup, as she maintains her delicate appearance, but some negative comments came about that choice.

And they considered that this title has no benefit or benefit to the people that is a real benefit or even to its owners. Some commented on the beauty of the Bahraini actress Sheila Saturday, so that there are more stars than beauty in the Arabian Gulf.


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