Pfizer distributes its anti-corona vaccine in December


WASHINGTON – Pfizer Director General Albert Burla announced Tuesday that the US pharmaceutical group will submit an application “very soon” for a license to market its Covid-19 vaccine in the United States, which, if all goes well, will allow the start of vaccination operations in December / December.
“We are very close to submitting an emergency license application,” Burla said during a conference organized by the Statenews website.
Pfizer’s general manager did not confirm or deny whether the application would be submitted this week, noting that he had previously said that the request would likely be submitted in the third week of November, that is, this week.
This experimental vaccine was developed by Pfizer in cooperation with the German company Biontech.
An emergency license is a temporary or conditional permit granted by the US Medicines Agency (FDA) to respond to an emergency similar to the COVID-19 pandemic. The agency can revoke or amend this authorization if new data on vaccine efficacy or safety emerge later.


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