Patent for Huawei .. Measuring body temperature with a phone


The site “Forbes” said that this patent comes at a very convenient time, noting that this technology is available in the latest Phones The company.

The Chinese giant submitted the patent application on March 31, entitled “Graphical User Interface for Temperature Measurement and Display Results”, meaning “a graphical user interface for measuring temperature and displaying results.”

Degrees are considered the heat In the human body is one of the prominent indicators that indicate the possibility of infection with the Coronavirus. All facilities are now measuring the temperature before people are allowed in.

“You will be able to check your temperature in less than a second with the new Huawei phone, the Mate 40 RS Porsche Design,” Forbes said.

Close Huawei The infrared temperature sensor is located in the back camera of the phone.

And she continued: “While in use, you can simply hold it on your wrist or forehead and it will calculate temperature Immediately. It can measure the temperature of people and things. “

A number of people discovered this property on their own, but the patent did not appear until the past few hours.


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