One and a half million views of Tamer Hosni’s song “Nafs Al-End” x 15 hours


Tamer Hosni’s song “Nafs Al-End” has achieved more than a million and a half views, within 15 hours of its release only, as the producing company released the song yesterday evening, via the video site “YouTube”, and the song is written by Ahmed Al-Maliki, composed by Madyan, distribution and Mix Ahmed Abdul Salam, Master Amir Mahrous.

He also released his latest songs, titled “Fi Jamal Kidda,” within the songs of his new album “Khaleik Foulady”, on the YouTube video site, and the song is written by Hussam Saeed, composed by Mahmoud Anwar, and distributed by Mix and Master Jalal Hamdawy.

On the other hand, the song “Hate Me In Love” presented by the star Tamer Hosni surpassed more than 9 million views on YouTube, which was written by Muhammad Al-Bugha, composed by Mahmoud Khayami and distributed by Tariq Abdel-Jaber Mix and Master Amir Mahrous, and is considered among his album of songs bearing the name Stay steel.

The star Tamer Hosni had previously announced through his official account on Facebook that he had released his new song entitled “Qulni Kalam,” where he wrote: “Listen now to the song (Qulni Kalam), the latest song from Khalik Foulady’s album,” and he was not satisfied with that. In the name of “You hated me in love,” he wrote: “And in an hour from now, wait for a song that hated me in love.”

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