On the anniversary of Shadia’s death, get to know her real name and the love stories of her life


Today falls on Saturday, the 28th of November. The anniversary of the death of the able artist Shadia, the owner of a remarkable and great artistic career. Both singing and acting.

According to Sada Al Balad, her real name for the artist, Shadia, is “Fatima”, and she was called “Al Daloua”.

According to old press interviews by the artist Shadia, despite the many love stories in her life, there are stories that were not completed, during which she tasted the bitterness of separation, abandonment and heartbreak. She did not encounter a love befitting her except the love of God. Who was devoted to his love, worship and communion for more than thirty years until her death.

It is worth noting that Shadia married more than once, and after her divorce from Imad Hamdi, she married artist Salah Zulfiqar despite her prior decision that she would not marry an artist again, but she married him because of the love that united them.


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