Oman’s oil exports fell to 215.7 million barrels by the end of September


Mubasher: The average price of Omani crude oil per barrel decreased by 26.8 percent at the end of September 2020, to $ 47.2 per barrel, compared to $ 64.6 per barrel at the end of September 2019.

Preliminary statistics issued by the National Center for Statistics and Information indicated that the Sultanate’s total exports of crude oil and oil condensate at the end of last September amounted to 215.7 million barrels, a decrease of 3 percent, reaching 222.3 million barrels in the same period of 2019, according to the Oman News Agency, today, Saturday. .

By the end of September 2020, the Sultanate’s production of crude oil and oil condensates reached 261.1 million barrels, of which 212 million 472 thousand and 600 barrels of crude oil and 48 million and 630 thousand and 800 barrels of oil condensates, with an average daily production of 952.9 thousand barrels of oil.

China accounted for the largest amount of the Sultanate’s exports of crude oil and oil condensates until the end of September 2020, when exports reached 190 million and 534 thousand and 300 barrels, followed by India with 8 million and 794 thousand and 100 barrels, then South Korea with 4 million 996 thousand and 200 barrels, then Japan with two million And 105 thousand and 400 barrels.

While the total exports to other countries amounted to 9 million and 294 thousand and 400 barrels.


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