Officially … Loew continues as coach of Germany in “Euro 2020”



The German Football Association announced today, Monday, that Joachim Loew will remain coach of the “Manschaft” team and lead it in the European Nations Cup 2020, which has been postponed to 2021 due to the outbreak of the new Corona epidemic.

The federation affirmed in a statement that “the Presidency of the German Federation decided unanimously, during a videoconference today, Monday, to continue with coach Joachim Loew the difficult path of renewal that began in March 2019,” at the conclusion of a summit meeting between senior officials and the coach who has been in his position since 2006.

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Spain insults Germany with a clean sixth and qualifies for the golden square for the European Nations League (video)

The Presidency of the German Federation, which was scheduled to convene on Friday to decide Love’s fate, presented its decision and sided with the opinion of the “steering committee and director of national teams, Oliver Bierhoff,” according to the federation’s statement.

The top five officials met this morning with Loew, who seemed to have relatively surpassed the historic defeat on November 17th, with a clean six against Spain in the European Nations League competitions, which is the toughest for the Manshafts since 1931.

The federation explained that, “During this meeting, Love informed the participants of his analyzes, concepts and projects.” .

Al-Ittihad pointed out that “a separate match cannot and should not be used as a measure of the general performance of the team and the coach,” referring to the heavy defeat in Spain.

He continued: “We must remain focused on the preparations for the euro next year. We are firmly convinced that Joachim Low and his team of coaches will succeed despite the difficult situation for everyone.”

Source: “AFP”


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