Official education is the biggest loser … floundering and failing!


Faten Hajj wrote in “Al-Akhbar”: The return to public schools, today, is fraught with concern about the exacerbation of the number of infections with the Coronavirus inside the school campus, and is marked by many violations in villages and towns that recorded a large number of infections in recent days, and their municipalities announced the extension of the closure of educational institutions, by a week Additional until December 6, in coordination with the Ministry of Education. And it was decided to complete distance learning in schools covered by the extension in the governorate of Baalbek – Hermel (Baalbek, Douris, Hermel, Nabi Sheet, New Fruit, Ras Baalbek, Shmtar, Tawfiqia and Tarya), Sohmur in the Bekaa governorate, Rahba in Akkar governorate, Rmeish in the district Bint Jbeil, and Ankun in Saida district, Taybeh in Nabatiyeh governorate, and Majdaliya in Aley district.

As soon as it was reported, a few days ago, that there was a tendency to lift the general closure and return to integrated education between attendance in classrooms and “remotely”, social networking sites were filled with real pain in formal education. The reason, according to the professors, is that the educational administration has been confused and failed to formulate plans either in the presence or “from afar”, and the result is that the students have not learned anything until now. Formal education failed as private education succeeded, “as the teacher was left facing arbitrary decisions and circulars with live meat and hanging for hours in front of a screen with students who only participate in a small percentage, which will foretell an educational disaster that will appear in the coming years in an entire generation. His only sin is that he is registered in public schools because of his narrow conditions Economic ». Just as they were unable to enroll in remote learning for a thousand reasons, they will return today to classes without books, which will take an additional six weeks to be printed after UNICEF takes on the task, while the first semester is nearing the end.

In addition, the teachers called for a televised intervention by the Director of Guidance and Guidance at the Ministry, Hilda El-Khoury, in which she said that schools are equipped to return to blended education, calling on parents not to risk sending their children who are immunocompromised, and to submit a report to the school, which is obligated to provide remote education. The teachers did not understand how they would teach the first group in attendance, the second group who will stay at home, and the group of weak immunity people who do not belong to neither the first group nor the second group. El-Khoury said that a clarification would be issued on this issue soon. And it was discussed that there is a tendency to give the Christmas and New Year holidays early this year, and that what is happening does not go beyond buying time. However, Al-Khoury denied that this proposal had been discussed in the educational administration meetings.

As for the statement of the Official Secondary Education Teachers Association regarding return, it was fragile in terms of following up the teachers ’concerns and their rights, as it sufficed to greet them for their efforts, calling on the state to preserve their health and give the highest priority to the accurate implementation of the health protocol and to secure the educational and logistical requirements of computers for teachers , And students, parents, students and professors to “fully adhere to preventive measures for their safety.” Al-Akhbar learned that there is a division among the members of the Association between those who want to return to urban education and those who prefer to wait until after the Christmas and New Year holidays.

On the other hand, the situation in private education is “cured soon”, as some schools have decided to continue learning from a distance and postpone the decision to return to classes until the end of the year 2020, and not to venture while awaiting the vaccine and the developments of the virus, with the exception of official certificate classes in some schools. While other schools complied with the minister’s decision to return to blended education.

As for the Union of Parents ‘and Parents’ Committees in Private Schools, it considered, in a statement, that dealing with the school year cannot be done through ministerial decisions, but rather requires integrated government programs between all relevant ministries, i.e. education, health, economics, social affairs, communications and the interior / by developing an integrated plan that takes into account Problems arising from urban and distance education. The federation pointed out that the government’s failure to put together a program based on scientific facts and studies does not allow it to take random messaging measures that lead to the charging of parents and the educational family in general for its failure to take the initiative.

The Federation called for a delay in the attendance or combined return of schools until after the New Year holidays, pending the clarity of vision regarding the outbreak of the Corona epidemic.

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