Occupation media: “Israel” must prepare for an important Iranian response after the assassination of Fakhrizadeh


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Israeli media reported today, Saturday, that “Israel must prepare for an important Iranian response after the assassination of the head of the Research and Development Organization in the Iranian Defense Ministry, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.”

The Israeli “Channel 12” pointed out that “the assessment in the Israeli security establishment is that Iran will respond after the assassination of Fakhri Zadeh, even if that takes years.”

In this context, she affirmed that: “Iran is capable of operating against the Israeli sailing routes in the Red Sea, launching missiles, suicide marches and cruise missiles.”

The channel also mentioned earlier, that “Israel” raised the state of heightened alert in its embassies around the world after Iranian threats to retaliate for the assassination of the head of the Research and Development Organization in the Iranian Defense Ministry, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

According to the Israeli “Channel 13” correspondent Or Heller, “the coming period will be tense,” noting that “there is a possibility that Iran will do something, perhaps on one of the borders, perhaps abroad.”

Heller continued: “For this matter, Israel, the Israeli army, and the security and intelligence establishment must be prepared in the near future.”

And Israeli media quoted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hinting, on Friday, to “a possible Israeli participation in the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.”

Netanyahu said, “I did a lot of things this week and I cannot talk about all of them,” while the former director general of the Israeli Ministry of Strategic Affairs, Yossi Kuperfsar, indicated that “Fakhri Zadeh is Soleimani of the nuclear program.”

“An incident of this kind could only be carried out by Israel and the United States,” Copperfser said.

It is noteworthy that Netanyahu, in one of his conferences, mentioned “Fakhrizadeh in public by name” in 2018, and Israeli media previously announced that “a plan to assassinate him failed years ago.”

The Israeli Channel 13 said that “an attempt to assassinate Zada ​​between 2010 and 2012 was canceled for operational reasons,” noting that “today’s assassination operation shows that the policy of assassinations has resumed after a long period of interruption due to negotiations between the Obama administration and Iran.”

In turn, the American New York Times quoted 3 intelligence officials as confirming that “Israel is behind the assassination of Fakhrizadeh.”

For its part, Israeli media, citing US intelligence agencies, confirmed that “Israel was behind the assassination.”

The Israeli “Kan” channel also said that President Donald Trump’s tweet on “Twitter” indicates that “the assassination of Fakhri Zadeh may be a joint American-Israeli action, especially since he mentioned the Israeli Mossad.”

It is noteworthy that Trump retweeted the tweet of Israeli journalist Yossi Melman about the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, head of the Research and Development Organization in the Iranian Defense Ministry. The contents of the tweet stated that “Fakhri Zadeh was subjected to an assassination operation in Iran.”

Hours after Fakhrizadeh’s assassination, the Israeli media said, “The Iranian nuclear program will continue even if Zada ​​is assassinated.”

“Thousands of engineers and technicians are working on the nuclear program,” Israeli Channel 12 commentator Ehud Yaari said, explaining that “all of them are Fakhrizadeh students.” And he continued, “Their progress is predetermined.”

As for an Iranian, the commander of the “Quds Force” in the “Revolutionary Guard” in Iran, Ismail Qaani, commented on the assassination of Fakhri Zadeh today, Saturday, that “the banner raised by the dear martyrs will always be raised.”

“The enemies have proven that what is hindering the achievement of their goals is the scientific growth, independence and self-sufficiency of the country,” Tasnim news agency quoted Qaani as saying.

While Iranian officials vowed to avenge the assassination of Fakhrizadeh, the commander of the Iranian army, Major General Abdul Rahim Mousavi, said on Friday that “the Iranian army reserves the right to take revenge against the enemies in any other field.”

The Iranian army commander affirmed that “the criminal hand of the United States, the evil Zionist entity and hypocrites is clearly visible in this crime,” noting that “this act is condemned by the free countries in the world.”

In turn, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused “Israel” of assassinating Fakhrizadeh. He explained that his country would avenge his assassination “at the appropriate time,” considering that “Iran’s enemies will not achieve their goals by spreading turmoil in the region and spreading terror.”


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