Nvidia Broadcast app helps you turn anywhere into a broadcast studio thanks to artificial intelligence


Nvidia Broadcast application helps you turn any place into a broadcast studio thanks to artificial intelligence

Since the beginning of 2020, the world has witnessed a steady increase in the use of video over the Internet, especially live broadcast services, which has grown strongly since the beginning of the year; For example, the number of users on the Twitch platform, which is considered one of the most popular broadcast platforms, increased to 89%, and the number of views increased with it by 56%, which indicates great interest in the broadcast sector in the recent period, which prompted Nvidia to work to provide a suitable environment for users with the Nvidia Broadcast application.

And it might not seem strange to Nvidia which provides the best technology with its processors; The GeForce RTX 20 Series has previously provided the NVIDIA Encoder system to help users get the best possible quality and take advantage of their hardware hardware to enjoy a distinctive gaming experience and broadcast their game journey on various platforms such as Discord, OBS, Twitch, and others with the best possible quality.

Nvidia did not stop there, as it worked to provide a more vibrant experience for users to broadcast live with integrated images. As we know, not many can get the best place to turn it into a private broadcast studio, not even high-quality cameras or large microphones, not even chroma green screens. But a moment …! why all this? Perhaps, in combination with the latest Nvidia processors and the Nvidia Broadcast app, the vast majority of them won’t need a lot of tools.

NVIDIA has provided the companionship of the series GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs NVIDIA Broadcast application that helps any user to transform his room or place in which he is in a broadcast studio by converting traditional hardware cameras and microphones into professional devices thanks to artificial intelligence technologies that refine and purify the sound and image to suit the user’s need.

NVIDIA Broadcast works through three main factors:

  • Noise removal: The application helps in recognizing the voice in the broadcast and removing all impurities and other obstacles such as children’s noise, house bell, keyboard sound, and others with high efficiency as if only the user himself is present in the place.
  • Provide a default wallpaper: The app allows you to choose a default wallpaper while broadcasting to avoid showing anything that it doesn’t want in place.
  • Focus on people in the broadcast: The application is based on tracking the person in the broadcast and tracking his movement in the image and continue to focus on him even if he moved from one place to another.

And if Nvidia Broadcast provides all these features, then of course its use will not be limited to broadcasting games, all users can benefit from it in video conferencing or live broadcasting for other purposes on platforms such as Zoom or Discord.

The application is available with NVIDIA graphics processors with ray-tracing technologies such as GeForce RTX, TITAN RTX, and Quadro RTX thanks to the Tensor Core AI processing cores integrated with it.

Thus, anyone can start a live broadcast without the need for many add-ons, as it is now limited to purchasing a device that carries a Nvidia graphics processor with ray tracing technology. As we know, this device will not provide an opportunity to provide the best live broadcast, but rather it will provide the strongest performance experience possible thanks to the great capabilities it provides and we talked about it a lot in the past.

The premium experience can start with the many options in the market, especially This device is with RTX 3070 processor Which was revealed by Nvidia a few weeks ago.

And to see NVIDIA Broadcast’s capabilities up close, this video presents a distinct picture:


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